London Fashion Week this season was filled to the brim with new talent, stunning collections and innovative ideas. This season, however, was also packed tight with iconic moments, special messages, and controversy.

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The Queen Sits Front Row at Richard Quinn
One of the most iconic moments of this season (and quite possibly ever) was Her Majesty The Queen making her debut at London Fashion Week, sitting front row next to Anna Wintour at the Richard Quinn show. She later bestowed the designer with the Queen Elizabeth II Award for British Design. On the same day, The Queen was seen walking out of the Dazed Magazine offices, showing her new found love for the world of fashion.

Burberry Honours the LGBTQ+ Community
One of the biggest buzzwords this season at LFW was equality, more specifically, LGBTQ+ equality. Many designers had used their platform to explore issues of gender and sexuality, bringing even more visibility to the LGBTQ+ community. One of the most notable moments of this was the Burberry show, with Christopher Bailey reinventing the Burberry check to incorporate the LGBTQ+ flag. Other pieces included rainbow puffer coats, gilets and the rainbow cape worn by the former face of Burberry, Cara Delavigne.

Anti-Fur Protesters Take It to the Next Level
Every season, there is always controversy around issues of equality, another issue that is always brought up is the use of fur. Outside the BFC, protesters stood outside with a dead fox and signs, talking about the fashion industries negligence to animals.

This all came to a head at the Mary Katrantzou show with a fur protester storming her way onto the runway, shouting “shame on you for supporting this”. One thing to note is that Mary Katrantzou did not use fur in her collection, similar to the protests outside the Marc Jacobs show who had used faux fur in his collection. Talking about it on Instagram, Marc Jacobs says “This and all the other looks in the show used FAKE fur”.

The Spotlight on the Front Row
The front row at fashion week is where the people on the top of the fashion food chain get to sit, with everyone else lower down on this pyramid sitting further back. One designer who decided to go against the grain of fashions hierarchy is Dilara Findikoglu, who did not offer seating allocations, rather, it was a free for all on a first come first serve basis. In the Dilaratopia Manifesto, it states that in the world she has created, it is free of patriarchy where the woman can do whatever she wants.

The Fresh Talent from This Season’s New Designers
London Fashion Week is known for its abundance of young, fresh talent and this season did not disappoint. Starting at the Westminster show, one designer that should be on your radar is William Dill-Russell, who had created a gender-neutral Little House on the Prarie inspired collection. The show featured people such as Jender Anomie, Luke Smith and Lucas Tate, creating a gender non-conformist collection that challenged the stereotypes society holds so dear.

The CSM MA show also generated some fresh talent with designer Liam Johnson fusing together forms of sculpture into his designs to create out of this world silhouettes. These interesting shapes were primary by nature, such as triangles, circle and squares in primary colours such as red, blue and yellow, yet still had an aura of skill and complexity. Talking to Dazed backstage, the designer said: “be as honest as possible, reducing everything down to its true form”.

Aquaria Walks in the Nicopanda Show
Many famous models have walked the catwalk this season, from Winnie Harlow at Matty Bovan to Adwoa Aboah at Ashley Williams, but one of the most iconic moments this season was drag queen Aquaria walking in the Nicopanda show. The queen who is rumoured to be on the new season of RuPaul’s Drag Race out next month strutted fiercely down the catwalk in a pink faux fur coat emblazoned with Nicopanda on the back. This isn’t the first drag queen to walk at London Fashion Week, with Violet Chacki walking in the Dilara Findikoglu show last season.

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The Most Memeable Look Ever
We have had left shark, we have had pepe the frog, now we have the unknown walking dummy. Designed by Edwin Mohney for the CSM MA show, many people have interpreted what this could be in various ways, although the majority have decided that it is, in fact, a dummy on legs. The CSM designer created a satirical and comical collection, including the walking inflatable pool and the two rubber chicken headpieces walking down the runway simultaneously. Edwin surely created a collection ready for the world of memes.