In celebration of female-identifying artists that defy their stereotype, illustrator Florence Given has created Girls Uninterrupted, a 3-day exhibition at London’s Creative Debuts.

Championing emerging artists, the show not only offers them a public space to hang their work but also, an open sphere to vocalise their concerns and experiences as a modern, identifying-woman. Artworks displayed will cover a wide range of topics including; issues surrounding sexuality, Islamophobia, sexual assault, mental health and concerns over Donald Trump’s controversial position of power.

Photograph by Kat Miller, courtsey of Girls Uninterrupted

“This is a completely safe space for young women to express themselves, uncensored and uninterrupted, feeling comfortable about that vulnerability, because it’s among other women taking the same brave step,” Florence told Neighbourhood. “It’s a chance for emerging female artists who’ve never even dreamed of exhibiting, let alone internationally, to actually show their work to a whole new audience amongst the creative community in London.”

Florence curated her first show last April, again with an all-female line-up at Creative Debuts. She was also part of their Nasty Woman exhibit in September. Her own work confronts people’s arrogance and oppressive attitudes towards women and their bodies. “If women will not be given a place in art, we will create our own. This is our space, for women to show completely uninterrupted.”

So if you like art, respecting women and drinking free alcohol, head to Girls Uninterrupted‘s open private view on Thursday, January 11, 115 Curtain Road, London — RSVP required, register here. Public admission between January 12-15.