In our current, global political climate, we live in a time where compassion is needed now, more than ever. In a testament to the assailable human spirit, artist Ai Weiwei created Human Flow — a documentary exploring the global refugee crisis.

It’s of course, not the first time the artist has touched upon issues surrounding human displacement. In March this year, he created a giant installation at the National Gallery in Prague, challenging “shameful” politicians that ignore displaced citizens. In October, he used metal fencing to build monumental metal structures across New York City, in a campaign against Donald Trump’s border control measures. Over 65 million people have been forced from their homes to escape war, famine and climate change — it’s the greatest human displacement since World War 2.

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Captured over the course of a year, Human Flow follows the Chinese artist around 23 countries as he visits more than 40 refugee camps. The film exemplifies the staggering scale of how displacement impacts humans. After the UK premiere at London’s Barbican this week, the artist took part in a question-and-answer session. During the Q&A, Ai was asked whether he thought the number of refugees would fall,  unfortunately, he expects it to rise. Everyone deserves a home, and as Weiwei’s lens captures the harrowing scale of the problem, it’s about time the rest of us take action.

Watch the full trailer for Human Flow below: