For spring/summer 18, London-based brand Aries have created a unisex range, not that it was ever really a womenswear label in the first place. The 20-piece, 90s inspired collection includes jackets, logo T-shirts acid washed denim and deconstructed shorts.

“Many of my male friends already wear Aries, and I think that the community has demanded more,” said creative director Sofia Prantera. “At the beginning, Aries was created as a unisex concept; however, it was hard to commercialize. My background is in designing men’s wear and my women’s wear has derived from that. With Aries the cuts are the same — it always fit men, we just didn’t advertise it.”

“For me, clothes are really a vehicle for an idea or culture and it’s about connecting with the people who share those ideas,” said Prantera. “So many women’s fashion environments don’t really connect with those references or see women’s casual wear as designed enough. For me, it’s often men’s wear departments, stores or floors where the culture is the right fit for Aries and I’m excited about this next chapter.”

 The new collection is available now at