The North of England is often a place either romanticized by memories of the past or just forgotten about. A new exhibition and a series of events looks at the creativity of the northern part of the country and how generations past have inspired today’s creatives.

The exhibition features over 100 photographs, fashion garments and artworks from a host of fashion designers,  photographers and artists. Work by Off White’s Virgil Abloh, master lensman Alasdair McLellan and exclusive garments by Liverpudlian designer Christopher Shannon are displayed.

“The selection of creativity on show is opening the doors of the North to the rest of the world.”

Curated by Lou Stoppard and Adam Murray, the selection of creativity on show is opening the doors of the North to the rest of the world.  To coincide the exhibit, a panel discussion on November 15th looks at stories that were at the basis of creating the show, dissecting the different aspects involved in curating a show about the North in the South. They are also hosting an ‘In Conversation’ event on November 22nd with Glasgow-born Charles Jeffrey and Sunderland’s Gareth Pugh to discuss the effects of relocating from the North to the South.

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Through exhibiting northern designers and artists alongside creatives inspired by the north, a conversation is created that explores the relationship between those who have lived it and those who are inspired from a distance. The life of youth in the northern parts of England have, and continue to, inspire through its film, music, fashion and communities.

North: Fashioning Identity runs from 8th November 2017 – 4th February 2018 at Somerset House, Panel Discussion: Curating North is on 15th November, 7 pm at Embankment Galleries Studio and In Conversation is held on 22nd November at 6.45pm.