“To riot means to be uncontrollable, to be unruly and to be unrestrained.”

Curated by artist Sophia Tassew, RIOT! RIOT! RIOT! examines society’s interpretations of womanhood through the eyes of London’s emerging artists.

Backed by ASOS Supports talent — the global innovative working with individuals on their passion projects — artists Joy Miessi, Hanecdote, Rene Matic and Sophia Tassew explore their concepts of intersectional feminism, culture, sexuality and freedom.

To coincide the exhibition, a zine fair will host some of London’s most-loved DIY publications including Gal-dem, BRICKS, Sister and Disaster Zine and a host of others that celebrate everything from women in sports to femininity within Middle Eastern culture.

Sophia Tassew Presents RIOT!RIOT!RIOT! at London’s Protein Studios on the 21 October, 10 am -6 pm is free entry,find out more about the event here.