Let’s be honest, now, astrology is everywhere. But if you’re bored of your newspaper’s vague daily sun sign predictions, then this app is for you.

Perfect for the scope-obsessed, Co—star is a new astrology app that generates super-accurate horoscopes through NASA data. Their powerful natural-language app uses an AI engine combined with methods of professional astrologers to provide in-depth insights into your personality. It also analyses your compatibility with others and of course, outlines your horoscope.


Gif with thanks to Co–Star

Most publishers predict horoscopes by using your sun sign. But they often forget that there are actually 12 houses of the zodiac, all of which represent a different part of your life depending on the exact time you were born. For instance, relationships are ruled by your Venus sign, your Moon sign controls your emotions and Mercury determines how you communicate. Co—star considers how your zodiac houses affect a user based on their birth chart.

“Taking all of this ancient art of astrology and figuring out how to translate it into a computational model has been a really interesting challenge,” Said Ben Weitzman, the app’s creator.

In a press release, Banu Guler, Co–Star’s founder, explains why she created the app. “Everyone we know reads Susan Miller or Broadly, knows when Mercury is in retrograde and gets their natal charts from sites that haven’t been updated since the ’90s. We thought there was a huge opportunity to create the first astrology experience that users actually love — one they actually want to use every day.”

Find out more about Co–Star or download the free app here.