Corbyn-Swoosh Tee to Be Displayed Inside the V&A

Corbyn-Swoosh Tee to Be Displayed Inside the V&A

Words Sophie Henderson

The independent Bristol-based street wear is making history.

Picture the T-shirt of 2017 – a homemade mingling of the Nike swoosh and the Labour leader’s surname. Worn by thousands and designed by Bristol Street Wear. The unofficial merch was undoubtedly a success story and now it’s on its way to the Victoria and Albert museum, going down in fashion history.

The museum is run by former Labour MP Tristram Hunt, he may be a Corbyn critic, but the garment has been recognised for its active influence. It is soon to be included in a fashion collection charting how moments of political and social change have had an impression on trend.

Although, the design has had a hard run. Grace Chatto of Clean Bandit wore hers for the Manchester One Love concert and the logo was blurred out by the BBC (due to their impartiality).  VICE commented on the design in an article in June: “Design-wise, it’s just a little unimaginative; it doesn’t really seem to mean anything.”

Although Bristol Street Wear wasn’t trying to create meaning – in many ways, they were intensifying Corbyn’s political voice amongst young people, and young people like sportswear. It’s simple.

The tee is back by popular demand, and still available to purchase at its original price of £20, visit Bristol Street Wear to purchase.