Exploring the Relationship Between Menswear and Glamour

Exploring the Relationship Between Menswear and Glamour

Words Tori West
Images Richard Dowker

What does the word glamour mean to you?

What does the word glamour mean to you? Red Carpets? The Kardashian-Jenners? Vajazzles? Or men wearing sequins whilst pouring pints?

Over the summer of 2017, eccentric stylist Lily Bling packed his designer bags and drove across the Kingdom to find out exactly what us Brits thought was luxury. As exciting as it sounds, in reality, his mini-expedition turned out to be a bit drab. “Most people just answered, Beyonce, wearing heels or putting on some lipstick and a nice dress,” said Lily to Neighbourhood through Instagram. “It was hardly inspirational.” Although, not all was lost. Throughout his research, it became clear that people hardly associate the word glamour with men. “This realisation became the starting point for this project and after vast amounts of research, this idea was formed.”

 “I never expected to do menswear, but I guess it happened naturally, I’m just a man that likes to be glamourous.”  – Lily Bling

Lily began to collaborate with photographer Richard Dowker to create a series of portraits that explore the relationship between men and glamour. Aiming to challenge the traditional codes of how men dress, Lily combines his flamboyant spirit with a dose of his upbringing — fusing his Essex charm with conventional ideas of British male identity. “I wanted to question the way society is condemned to believe that glamour can only be associated with feminity. The purpose is to challenge the way we define masculinity while questioning the true meaning of glamour in this day and age.”

Richard Dowker and Lily bling for LVLY

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