Design, biology and engineering start-up Modern Meadow, is bringing the fashion industry animal-free leather.

Currently worth over $100 billion, the leather goods business scopes from lifestyle products to fashion garments. But, with this expansion comes the cost of animal life. While there is the solution of using and purchasing fake leather, consumers notice the quality difference in materials, and so, real leather remains with connotations of luxury style.

Thankfully, Modern Meadow ‘are working tirelessly to see this new future materialise; one where humans make the material and the animals roam free’. The company have discovered that the essential biological component of leather is not animal skin. It is, however, a ‘fibrous structural protein’ called collagen, meaning that it is possible to bio-fabricate’ leather without animals.

The company uses a fermentation process to brew collagen directly hence the outcome material is biological, aesthetically and tangibly indistinguishable from animal leather. Hopefully, in creating awareness of this revelation, this creation of leather will replace the cruelness that is involved in the leather goods business.

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