It’s that time of year again when designers open up their minds and allow us to enter their world through their ad campaigns. This season, designers have taken their creative imagery to the next level. Here, we look at our favourite campaigns from the new season.

After the release of his first family orientated spring/summer 18 menswear campaign, everyone has been waiting with baited breath to see what the designer will do next. In stark contrast from the family portraits or the pre-fall menswear campaign which featured men going along with their everyday lives, Balenciaga’s latest spring/summer 18 campaign shows women in the streets with a celebrity status with paparazzi-style photography. The models are walking through the streets being hounded by paparazzi, covering their identity with none other than a Balenciaga bag. This is not the only campaign that highlights the celebrity status of fashion, with the army of Kim Kardashian clones for the Yeezy Season 6 campaign. The images for the campaign featured ‘Kim Klones’ in a paparazzi-style including none other than the elusive Paris Hilton.

Maison the Faux
Dutch brand Maison the Faux have gone against the grain of the traditional campaign through producing a video called FAUXmosapiens for their spring/summer 18 campaign. The video directed by Robert Fox has a 90s action film style with VHS recordings and interviews with the young faces, or FAUXmosapiens, for the brand.

Maison the Faux, which is known for its gender non-conformity and sardonic style channels this through the video with one FAUXmosapien saying: “we must look beyond everything we know about reality and artificiality.” With the narrator saying, “Who am I, who are you, what’s real, what’s fake, does it matter?” This campaign encapsulates not only the collection but the ethos of the brand as a whole, the sacrificial statement on the fashion industry as a whole is something that Maison the Faux knows how to do the best.


Eckhaus Latta
Following in suit of the dramatic statement is Eckhaus Latta with their army of denim clowns for their spring/summer 18 collection. This season, Exkahaus Latta have pushed their traditionally unconventional images even further by introducing some theatrics. Shot by Hanna Moon, the campaign features models painted as ‘sexy clowns’ sporting their denim collection; the clown theme goes further than the makeup with a Pennywise inspired red balloon in the images too. Talking about their campaign to Dazed, they say “We’ve been looking at classic denim campaigns for a while,” going on to say “The idea of playing advertising’s own game is interesting to us.”

Stüssy is a brand that is known for its original and engaging ad campaigns, and they are not stopping now. Stüssy has gotten London-based photographer Theo Sion on board who is infamous for his ability to subvert what is seen to be normal which is evident in the latest Stüssy campaign. The images include a civil surfer, karate on the beach and a jester on his phone which is in tune with both the Stussy brand and the photography style of Theo Sion. This isn’t the first time Stüssy has created a unique ad campaign, having King Kong and upside down Lady Liberty in a New York Inspired spring/summer 17 campaign.

Matthew Adams Dolan
In response to Trump’s America, Matthew Adams Dolan’s creates his own version of the American Dream for the brand’s spring/summer 18 campaign. “I was really looking at this idea of an American identity, and the idea of the American brand which is so deeply connected with concepts of lifestyle and aspiration that offer a chance at a dream or fantasy,” Matthew Adams Dolan explains to i-D. “In times of such a turbulent political climate, with leadership that is constantly threatening the very values upon which this idea is built, I was really drawn to the ideas of re-empowerment, identity and community that are so prominent in the Lo-Life moment.”