Good news for amateur musicians, Boiler Room — the champions of televising underground music — have collaborated with Google Pixel 2 for an exciting new venture in music technology. Announcing the partnership with a short clip on Instagram, the two companies introduce Pixel Records, a fictional music label “from the future”. The label invites you to collaborate and share “the essence of your being” which actually does sound a bit creepy, but eh ho, the artwork is too good not to.


Boiler Room x Google Pixel 2: Pixel Records

By visiting the project’s website, you can submit vocal waveforms and see Google Magenta’s AI algorithm transform them into vocals. You can even download your ‘first release’ afterwards. It’s all pretty straightforward, upload your sounds and the bot will do all the heavy lifting for you. You can “transform physical sounds without distorting them beyond recognition, retaining their organic nature,” as explained on the Pixel Records website: “upload a vocal sample, and we’ll do the rest.” Horrah! We’ll catch you in the charts.


Boiler Room x Google Pixel 2: Pixel Records

Of course, this isn’t the first time Boiler Room have collaborated with Google Pixel on a technology project. For the release of Pixel, it worked on VR Dancefloors: Techno in Berlin — a virtual dancefloorThe project was a 15-minute film that allowed you to take a trip into the “subversive and liberated world of Berlin’s nightclub culture”.

Check out the new project and submit your vocals here.