Good news for our friends up North. In November, dresses belonging to artist Grayson Perry will be displayed in Liverpool, the first exhibition of its kind in the UK.

Making Himself Claire: Grayson Perry’s Dresses will showcase twelve of the eccentric artist’s garments including his Bo Peep dress he wore as he won the 2003 Turner Prize.

Perry’s transvestite alter-ego, named Claire, has been in his life since being a teenager. The Essex-born artist has said, “I think of my dressing up as the heraldry of my subconscious.”

Pauline Rushton, the senior curator of decorative arts at National Museums Liverpool, says: “Visitors who enjoyed Grayson Perry’s touring exhibition ‘The Vanity of Small Differences’ at the Walker in 2014 will be familiar with the artist’s ability to explore complex social issues in a relatable, witty and engaging way.

“It is fascinating to see how themes of identity, social status, sexuality and religion are represented in a variety of symbols across Claire’s dresses, along with Perry’s own personal iconography. We’re sure that visitors will love seeing the dresses up close and examining the detail represented.”

Making Himself Claire: Grayson Perry’s Dresses opens 4 November 2017 at Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool. Find out more about the exhibition here.