John Yuyi Is Taking Over New York City

John Yuyi Is Taking Over New York City

Words Sophie gee

Who is John Yuyi?

The Taiwanese artist inspired by the internet and our generation’s social media obsession initially got noticed for her custom-made tattoos. They typically range from Twitter profiles, signature symbols of social and URL addresses. To those who don’t know her already – she is definitely not a tattoo artist. Her tatts are of the temporary kind, commonly free in the 5p individual chewing gums of the nineties.


John Yuyi was initially inspired by the youth culture related to social networking. After making the move to the big apple, she realised that in her home of Tapei this art culture and platform of sharing is something that was hugely lacking. As her artwork evolved it was clear that she had her own way of thinking. She laced iPhone chargers into Reebok trainers and carefully placed instant noodles on her face to appear as piercings.

After evidently creating a lot of work when visiting the UK and then TOKYO, Yuyi soon became an Instagram sensation with i-D soon recognising her as the Willy Wonka of the social platform.  It came as no surprise that Gucci later took her under their wing.

 For their collection of memes released in 2017, John Yuyi had the signature snake and the green and red colourway of her very own Gucci custom tattoos. She paired it with her usual social media influence, the tag details of Instagram.

John Yuyi is currently smashing it. With a nine-page spread in the New York Times for a very honest article Into the Eye of the Internet dropping last week, whatever next.

After searching for someone to host her solo exhibition in New York City, and having this request as a permanent feature on her Instagram bio, her wish has come true.

NEXT GEN: John Yuyi is opening on the 21st February 2018. Held at 57 Orchard Street, New York. And the best part is the tickets are FREE! So if you’re in town get yours now – we are sure they won’t be sticking around for long.