Vibrant young label LRS, showed their seventh collection on February 11th, 2018 at New York Fashion Week. After working for four years at Proenza Schouler, Raul Solis intended on having a year off to build up his portfolio from denim concentrated to more RTW styles. This experiment resulted in the accidental birth of the loud brand that is LRS.

LRS took an alternative presentation route for their autumn/winter 18 show. Despite his previous two shows taking the more traditional direction of fashion week, where models wore the collection and walked the runway- Solis mixed it up this year.

What appears to look like guests huddling in the backroom of a dry cleaners, a conveyer belt continuously moves. Then the ‘models’ enter. Well, you could call them models, or workers. They are dressed in all white with sickly lilac vests that are tied at the sides (typical uniform for those working in greasy spoon cafes or laundrettes).  This interesting uniform fitting with the aesthetic of the whole show is clearly marked on the left-hand bottom corner with the LRS signature logo.

The models did not just walk past the guests holding the collection. They also skipped, ran and delivered the items to the rail while being pushed in a trolley. Yes, this presentation technique certainly defies the norms of fashion week but what about the collection itself?

Equally as powerful and bold the collection appears to have a few obvious themes running through it.  LRS is the definite attire for the who-dares-wins party girl of New York City. Animalistic references are shown through leopard print trousers and a snakeskin blazer. A coral PVC jacket with zebra print cut out instead of just placed upon is evidently one of the many stand-out garments.

Common materials appear to be PVC, leather and mesh. Bold graphic print is created through photography and the LRS logo. These range from a middle-aged mans face stretched across the entirety of a dress, a trench coat of collaged images including an apple and our personal favourite that is the rooster tee with a large ear placed upon the back. Why not hey?

We cannot wait to see the campaign. To view the live stream of the show and to understand the utter originality, head over to