In a society where men have more power over a woman’s body than the woman herself, our voices are sadly lost in the dictations of a man. Titled Breaking Shells, women challenge this discourse and narrate their own story in this exhibition as they examine the body from their own perspective.

Curated by Justine Do Espirito Santo, the independent French curator has selected nine contemporary artists of various disciplines to take part in the group exhibition producing commissioned sculptures, paintings, drawings and installations that have never been displayed as well as specially commissioned artworks.

Breaking Shells: Hannah Perry

Open to the public from 25th January – 10th March of this year, the exhibition is held in the innovative studios of The Koppel Project in London, a creative hub known for its international and local artists whose works have great emphasis in social engagement, and is split into two segments.

Part I is based in the Baker Street venue and explores narratives and representations of the body from a historical and contemporary point of view. The artists chosen for the exhibition investigate different ideas regarding the identity of the female body and how they are portrayed in art, history and pop culture.

From the clichés surrounding black bodies to the perceptions about sexuality, sex work and fetishism; the relationship between body and language are explored, taking the viewer into a fused macrocosm of the past and present – where the omnipresent body is expectedly scrutinised, romantically idealised, unsurprisingly objectified and lastly (but most importantly!) vastly empowered.

Artists of Part I include;

Chelsea Culprit
Penny Goring
Rachel Jones
Jessie Makinson
Jala Wahid
Zoe Williams

Breaking Shells: Jessie Makinson

Part II is located at The Hive in Holborn Viaduct and creates a space where the body can set itself free from the social and cultural constraints examined in the former segment. Through videos, installation and immersive works; the artists invite us to embrace the sensorial experience and bodily expression both individually and collectively. Advocating physicality and movement as acts of resistance, the latter segment of the exhibition is a celebration of flesh, emotions, sense, movement and euphoria.

Artists of Part II include;

Lotte Anderson
Shana Moulton
Hannah Perry