Portuguese Flannel Reflect on Family History

Portuguese Flannel Reflect on Family History

Words Beth Fuller

The brand's inspiration comes from genuine people from both the coast and mountains.

Brothers Antonio and Manuel Magalháes reflect on their family history and explore Portugal’s identity; spurring an authentic and genuine love for clothing at Paris Fashion Week. Portuguese Flannel stays faithful to the name: a Portuguese based brand making the finest flannel shirts for men. Through a variety of colours, the designs aim to represent the culture of Portugal with a warm and cosy feeling created by the fabric.

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The story of the brand begins with the design duo’s great-grandfather. Born in Moreira de Conegos – a region known famous for its large textile industry – their grandfather established fabric factory Textil Vizela. With nostalgia and pride, the designers reflect on the time spent with their great-grandfather in the factory as children: “We have always felt a special connection with fabrics and clothing in general”. And so whilst the brand was established in 2014, the concept has been embedded in their lives since childhood.

The tradition embedded in the Magalháes brothers family reflects in the craftsmanship of their shirts. The soft, warming feeling of each flannel is created by the lifting up of the fibre ends of the material, in which the expert weavers ‘nap’ the cloth using a meticulous brushing technique. And so, rather than following current trends in menswear, the authentic and genuine Portuguese Flannel successfully celebrates the strong sense of family, culture and society in Paris.

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