Exploring the subculture of skateboarding through prints, zines and music are the focal point of collaborative show, RIPPER.

Launching today the display is a joint venture between Project Upcoming & Parlour Presents, curated by Sadie Bailey it promises to not be your traditional art show.

“I’ve tried to steer well away from your traditional art show. I’ve scrapped the frames and opted out of high-quality prints. A bold move, especially when you have the responsibility of showcasing work on behalf of other artists,” said Bailey via Project Upcoming.

It will feature work from over ten creatives including, photographers Thom Gatt, Reid Allen and Yentl Touboul, collab zine makers Tori West & Josh Cook, illustrator Harry Wyld, filmmaker Remy Barreyat and many more.

“I don’t want some snooty event where everyone is standing around making small talk for the sake of being socially accepted,” Bailey explains. “I just want to drink a shit ton of beer with some cool people, surrounded by some crazy artwork,” via Project Upcoming.

RIPPER will run from 23-30 March at Parlour Skate store, 59 Hackney Road, E2 7NX, free admission.