RuPaul’s EW Cover Wins Reader’s Choice Award for 2017

RuPaul’s EW Cover Wins Reader’s Choice Award for 2017

Words Luke Smith

Let’s hear it for the Red, White and Ru

The LGBTQ+ community over the last decade has rapidly gained media representation, creating a much needed wider understanding of these issues. From the now successful VH1 show RuPaul’s Drag Race to legalising of same-sex marriage in places such as Australia, the community is gaining momentum.

Continuing to pave the way for LGBTQ+ representation, Entertainment Weekly’s LGBT Issue in June 2017 has won The American Society of Magazine Editors Reader’s Choice Award for best cover of the year. The cover — which was shot by photographer Tony Kelly — also featured the work of some Drag Race Alumni, RuPaul’s makeup artist and season two finalist Raven as well as season threes Delta Work, styling the wig for the cover.

For the cover interview with Entertainment Weekly, RuPaul says: “Our show exemplifies the movement of a bigger consciousness arising. Drag is part of that consciousness. It’s having fun and understanding who you really are, which is an extension of the power that created the whole universe. The idea of an identity, of shape-shifting and changing — it’s an extension of that”.

Talking about the effect the show has on our culture, he says “Watching a drag queen who was bullied as a kid becoming a star on her own terms is a rush for a lot of people who watch our show because they, too, have those dreams, and they, too, have longed for something but didn’t quite know what.”.

The cover back in June 2017 was mentioned by many as being powerful and bringing a wider acceptance to a community that has been misunderstood for many years. The supermodel of the world looks back at her 30-year career in the interview which is a testament to her hard work and dedication to the community.