Meet the South Korean Band Making it Worldwide

Meet the South Korean Band Making it Worldwide

Words Balraj Bains

From sell-out tours and the Billboard awards, BTS are changing the Korean music scene.

With a dedicated global following and sell out tours, BTS — Bulletproof Boy Scouts in Korean, not Behind the Scenes — have bagged Billboard Award this year. The seven-member South Korean boy band consists of Rap Monster, Suga, J Hope, V, Jimin and Jungkook, all of which are involved in the album production from the very start.

Perhaps it’s when you read Dazed‘s interview with leader Rap Monster that you begin to dissect the poetry that constructs their tracks. Sure, some songs are written and produced separately for a pure pop effect, but music is an ever-changing flowing process. Albums such as The Most Beautiful Moment in Life are full of human level storytelling and credit the band members themselves.

The music videos follow hidden symbols and are often literary-inspired. The band takes intellectual creativity to another level with the series of music videos telling compelling stories that have lead fans to create theories on their true meaning. The involvement and support of the label BigHit have allowed the members to grow as artists themselves and brought respect to the K-Pop and South Korean creative industries.

It’s clear that there is a purposeful driving force being the band as the fan base has grown exponentially since releasing The Most Beautiful Moment in Life in 2013 and have since been going from strength to strength. Having their own reality TV show series, they share their relatable and fun personalities giving insight into the world of BTS.

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In an industry known for strict training to perform and where only independent artists tend to gain real musical respect, BTS has accelerated the platform of K-Pop into the respectable world of music artistry. They have created beautiful audio and visual stories by working alongside experts in the industry and other international creatives to bring the best of their game to a global audience. K-pop has been enormously popular throughout Asia for a long time, now, as BTS continue their artistry and earning international credit, they’re inspiring other Asian artists to do the same.

Images with thanks to BigHit Entertainment