Violetta Kassapi, or as she’s better known as, Violetta Fancies You, is one of those rare and special stylists with an approach so distinctive, it’s formed a personal brand. Since her start in the industry assisting at Rankin’s studio, Camden-born Violetta has built a reputation for embodying an enigmatic and authentic ‘London look’.

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She’s styled a substantial body of editorial work from i-D to Playboy, as well as music videos for artists such as Ray BLK, Wiley, Stefflon Don and Devlin. Other prominent projects include costume design for feature film Ill Manors, directed by Plan B, and limited edition pyjama collaborations with both Illustrated People in 2015 and FKA Twigs last year.

Violetta’s most recent venture, in partnership with True Rocks Jewellery, was released in December. She’s created a No Knickers necklace for the company, who frequently collaborate with high-profile artists.

True Rocks is made up of Emily Bradbury, Co-Founder of the t-shirt and homeware label Constant and True, and Dawn Hindle, Founder and Creative Director of Ibiza Rocks. Recognised for producing quality, unique pieces worn by the likes of Lily Allen and Cara Delevigne, True Rocks’ collection is loaded with character and cultural references.

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The No Knickers necklace references LOVE Magazine’s feature on the stylist and designer in their autumn/winter 2016 issue, for which she arrived on set wearing no pants. “All style no knickers” was printed next to her photograph and interview; both dared you not to fancy her back.

If the piece encapsulates Violetta’s charisma, its campaign demonstrates her attitude and creative intuition. In a brilliantly powerful series of images, she’s captured no less than 65 London women burning their own briefs. We caught up with the woman herself to talk about London, gold chains and getting dressed up – with or without knickers.

Hi Violetta! Congratulations on the release. Can you tell us about your design process for the No Knickers necklace?
Usually, when I’m designing beforehand I have so many ideas going round my head, so sketching them all out to see which one I prefer is what I do first

What jewellery do you wear day-to-day, and how does good jewellery make you feel?
I wear my No Knickers necklace every day, I’m a gold girl. You will never catch me without gold on, even at the gym. It’s nice because I forget I’m wearing it an I sometimes catch people looking at it with weird eyes trying to figure out if that’s my name Or I get people laughing like where did you get that it’s so cool.

“People aren’t ashamed to talk about sexism in the workplace, standing up to men getting paid more, uniting together to talk and fight stronger than ever. It’s beautiful.”

You’ve featured 65 creative and inspiring women in the campaign. Can you tell us how you came up with the idea and why it’s important to you?
For once since the beginning of womankind, women’s voices are being heard louder than ever. People aren’t ashamed to talk about sexism in the workplace, standing up to men getting paid more, uniting together to talk and fight stronger than ever. It’s beautiful. This necklace represents that. No Knickers. All of the 65 women are burning their knickers, this is homage to the women that burnt their bras in the 60’s

Where do you like to work and to what music?
I work in my studio in the west end & I listen to all types of music depending on which type of zone I need to get into

You’ve collaborated with a lot of high-profile people from London. What’s the best thing about living here? Would you ever move and if so, where to?
That’s a big question. I’m in London as it gets, so I guess the best thing about London is that its home.

How do you get dressed in the morning – do you approach it in the same way as styling on a job?
Haha, no way! I get dressed depending on my day and what mood I’m in, which colours I need for the day.

When do you feel most confident and carefree?
On a Friday lol.

Who do you fancy right now?
Hmmm, soooo mannyyyyy people, always.

Would you rather go out with no jewellery or no knickers?

Pick up one of the pieces in silver, rose or yellow gold on True Rocks’ website for £195.