“I’m Maggie.”
“I’m Rene.”
“And we’re wife and wife.”

Young creative and writer Ellen Atlanta is fundraising to create a short-film based on the love between two married LGBTQ+ activists, Maggie and Rene. Narrated by the couple through candid interviews and poetry, the film will capture their life together in Liverpool accompanied by their love story.

Alongside showcasing their style and day-to-day life on Instagram, both girls use their social media for a higher purpose — to promote LGBTQ+ rights as well as gender and race equality. Their wedding in itself was a radical act of queer resilience and was live-streamed across the world.”They wore matching oversized white hoodies whilst all their guests wore black. It literally looked like a music video!” Said Ellen.

Their honest, heartfelt posts celebrate positive iter-racial and LGBTQ+ relationships and have already inspired and encouraged others to open up online. “The concept is really close to my heart, the girls are incredible. They receive messages all the time about how much their relationship has inspired others in the LGBTQ+ community, especially with how open and happy they are in their marriage.” Said Ellen to Neighbourhood via email

In conversation with Ellen during her Wah Nails interview with the girls earlier this year, the couple opened up about the scrutiny they received in regards to their relationship. “We did face quite a bit of negativity, people felt the need to check that we were in our right minds. Ultimately, it all comes back to the fact that people really don’t trust young women to make decisions for themselves.” After numerous of publications offering to complete the production of the film, Ellen and the girls politely declined, wanting to make sure that the film is produced by an all-female cast adding: “This is Maggie and Rene’s story, it isn’t for someone else to tell.”

Help fundraise Maggie and Rene a Love story via Kickstarter.

Images, gifs by Kiran Gidda and Mamamanvz, House of eM-Kay, with thanks to Wah Nails