The Best Fashion Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

The Best Fashion Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

Words Tori West
Images @historyofoverplucking

From footwear crimes to Harry Potter characters wearing Dior

Fashion Assistants

What’s worse than your sample return run? Um, probably nothing. If you’ve ever experienced working as a fashion intern (which basically involves crying in the fashion cupboard at least once a week) then this account is for you. With a feed full of relatable, broken dream memes, @Fashionassistants is a brutally honest snapshot of what working in a fashion office is really like. Take a peep whenever you feel like crying — or to help prevent you from killing your editor.

The room looks on in horror #fashionassistant #stylingassistant #stylistassistant

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What happens when Dior and your favourite Hogwarts members collide? Well, a genius Instagram account with Hermonie photoshopped into Dior spring/summer 18  and Dumbledore in a pair of oversized black sunnies. Our personal favourite, however, is Hagrid donning the We Should All Be Feminist tee.


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History of overplucking

This one goes out to anyone who ever overplucked in the 90s and could never quite grow their brows back. Don’t worry hun, we feel you.

Marisa Berenson by Willy Russo, 1968. ❄️

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Crimes against Shoemanity

Let’s face it, thanks to Crocs making a comeback (cheers for that one Balenciaga), and Jermery Scott’s Ugg collection, 2017 was the year of horrible footwear. But, just when you think it couldn’t possibly any get worse, we came across @crimesagainstshoemanity.

Not only are they pointing out the absolute worst shoe violations they can find on Instagram, they’ve even gone to the extreme of predicting ugly designs they think the fashion industry is going to bless us with during 2018 and trust us, it ain’t pretty.

Amazon Fashion Secrets

Who’d have thought that Amazon would be a great place to buy fashionable clothes on the cheap? Helping fashionistas put their money where their mouth is, @Amazonfashionsecrets has curated an Insta list of unconventional budget buys that are actually kind of stylish. Take a peek if you don’t believe us.

Ebay Bae
Another account providing us with some of the wackiest wonders on the internet is @Ebaybae. The account’s creators delve into the depths of eBay to bring you the some of the most outrageous listings — and the occasional trendy steal — the web has to offer. Because who doesn’t want a silver prosthetic finger ornament or a Mona Lisa printed blazer? We definatley do.

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Stressed stylist

So, you want to be a stylist? Well, @Stressedstylist is here to prove you otherwise. Amongst the stress of courier deadlines, missing samples, working for no money and suspicious marks and rips appearing on five thousand pound dresses, it’s a long way to the top and you’ll probably be lugging bags upon bags of shoes that almost broke in the rain up a hundred flights of stairs to get there. But, if you don’t laugh, you’ll probably cry, so give them a follow to help drown your sorrows.

💔 #stressedstylist

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The Russian fashion dictionary 

We can thank Gosha Rubchinskiy for the fetishisation and popularity of the Russian alphabet in fashion. But let’s be honest, if you don’t speak a word of Russian, it’s a bit of an enigma — kind of like when you get a Latin tattoo to only realise it actually doesn’t mean what you thought it did.

Making sure you don’t make the same mistake with your clothing is Русский фашон словарь (The Russian Fashion Dictionary, an Instagram account translating Cyrillic prints on clothing into English.