Wolfgang Tillmans continues to share his original outlook with his latest exhibition Fragile.  The first showcase of his work in Africa is taking place at the Musée d’Art Contemporain et Multimédias in Kinshasa, The Democratic Republic Of The Congo.

This unique collection of work is said to have spanned from 1986 to 2017. Alike to his 2017 exhibition at the Tate Modern, in addition to his main medium of photography, there will also be publications, installations, film and sculpture.

Wolfgang Tillmans, Dan, 2008

Relationships, nature, evolution and society are just a few topics that are engaged in Tillmans work. Yet, he presents these with a deeper meaning. Often with his photography, the underlying message is not just what meets the eye. Themes explored within the exhibition intend to create an opposing sense of strength. Deutschland.de stated:

“Accepting the fragility that defines us as individuals and our interpersonal relationships is something Tillmans does not consider a weakness, but rather a strength.”

Tillmans short film also sharing the title of ‘Fragile’ shot in 2016, with the likes of Hari Nef, Kash Wilde and Ash B. is considered a reference point for the current exhibition in Africa.

Wolfgang Tillmans, Love (hands in hair), 1989

The first non-British artist to win the Turner prize continues to connect the dots of our contemporary society. With the current political state of Congo Island, concerning the power struggles and unrest of civilians, it almost seems uncanny for Tillmans to be mirroring the concept of fragility, by turning it on its head as A call for freedom, development and strength.

Nonetheless, the exhibition is not just stopping in Congo, it will continue its tour of Africa, travelling to Nairobi in April 2018, and to Johannesburg July–October 2018.