Unveiled last Saturday during London Fashion Week Men’s, the latest collection by Wood Wood takes us on a “turbulent period in life where emotions run high and can be difficult to comprehend” – adolescence. Held at The Swiss Church in Endell Street, the Danish brand marked their autumn/winter show as their debut in London, having exhibited their previous collection in Milan during the spring/summer shows.

Titled Before & After, the Wood Wood autumn/winter 18 collection is inspired by the transition from childhood into adulthood. Cultural traits of this generation’s youth comprising of the millennial are interwoven in the narrative of the theme with slogans such as “Leave Me Alone With Your Attention”, “Sad Songs Make Me Happy” and “Fan Club” were embroidered on the patchwork covered set of the presentation as the models walk out to a melancholic soundtrack.

Though reminiscent of fashion in pop culture classics of the 90s from the likes of The Breakfast Club and Freaks & Geeks, the elimination of cliques and the fusion of different styles are apparent in this collection which is very much 00s.

Featuring a multitude of materials considered staples of millennial fashion such as corduroy, raw denim, army twill, heavy wool, delicate silk and melange knit; Wood Wood takes existing styles of the traditional American youth culture and applies their urban Danish touch.

From the collared shirt over jumper of the preppy, baseball varsity jacket of the jock, the chequered flannel of the grunge as well as the black combat boots of the punk; the elements of the Americana are modified to incorporate the minimalistic, loose cut lines and androgynous style of the Dane – providing new take on iconic silhouettes.

The colour palette of the collection displays muted colours of the autumnal and winter season with pops of bold reds, electric blues and mustard yellows.

Staying true to the sub-cultural heritage of the brand, it’s evident that style and functionality go alongside one another in this collection. Wood Wood clothing is available to purchase in their Berlin, Aarhus and Copenhagen flagship stores as well as their official online store.